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Supporting the NSW Department of Community and Justice, Unearth Solutions collaboratively launched an Aboriginal Family Preservation Service, “Wirrimbirra”, a Wiradjuri word that means “to keep… to preserve” with the belief that “Families are stronger together”.

The project brief was for creating and starting an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lead organisation to provide family preservation services for the community in the western district of NSW.

The team had a core group of NSW departmental staff in western NSW. Unearth Solutions assisted the team with the overall project and program governance and advice in developing the organisation and its services.

Going from concept to launch in 18 months, through a program system that included a rigorous discovery phase, development of a project plan, risk and issue plans, effective stakeholder mapping and management, workforce planning, community engagement and detailed reporting.

BEiNG Program

A training program collaboratively designed by Unearth Solutions and AMK Law, the Black Excellence in Governance (BEiNG) program delivers bespoke governance awareness training for members of First Nations Boards of Directors.

The BEiNG program is designed to empower First Nations Boards. It is delivered in a culturally appropriate and educational way, where attendees receive the benefits and outcomes necessary to advance their Board knowledge and governance abilities.

A cornerstone of the BEiNG program is the unique delivery model, where training is delivered by First Nations people who understand Indigenous cultural principles and communities. The result is attendees complete their training with a better understanding of the requisite level of competency and proper governance practices to achieve outcomes for their organisation community.

Defence Aviation Safety Authority

At Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA), where safety is the highest priority, having a reliable aviation safety business intelligence (BI) solution is crucial. Unearth provided a BI solution (a.k.a. Salus) with comprehensive insights and analysis to proactively identify potential risks, enhance safety measures, and improve operational efficiency.

Risk Mitigation – Salus collects, consolidates, and analyses vast amounts of data from various sources, including incident reports, maintenance records, and regulatory information. By identifying patterns and trends, the solution helps DASA identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them. This includes addressing safety hazards, identifying training needs, and implementing corrective actions to prevent accidents and incidents.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements – The aviation industry operates under strict regulatory frameworks and compliance standards. Salus ensures that organisations comply with these requirements by monitoring safety performance indicators, tracking adherence to regulations, and providing real-time reporting. This helps DASA maintain regulatory compliance, avoid penalties, and uphold their reputation as responsible aviation operators.

Operational Efficiency – Effective decision-making is essential for maintaining operational efficiency in the aviation industry. Salus provides accurate and timely data analysis, enabling DASA to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and optimise resource allocation. By leveraging data-driven insights, DASA has enhanced their operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improve overall performance.

Safety Culture and Continuous Improvement – Implementing a robust BI solution fosters a strong safety culture within DASA. By promoting transparency, accountability, and a proactive approach to safety, Salus encourages employees at all levels to contribute to safety initiatives. Salus also facilitates continuous improvement by identifying areas for enhancement, enabling DASA to implement necessary changes and monitor their effectiveness over time.

Enhanced Decision-Making – Salus equips key stakeholders, including safety managers, executives, and regulators, with accurate and actionable information. This empowers them to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, enabling proactive risk management, resource optimisation, and strategic planning. Enhanced decision-making leads to improved safety outcomes, operational effectiveness, and business performance.

In summary, a reliable BI solution has brought significant benefits to Defence aviation. It empowers Defence with data-driven insights, enables real-time monitoring and alerting, supports predictive analytics, encourages collaboration, and ensures regulatory compliance. By leveraging advanced analytics allows DASA foster a strong safety culture, optimise operations, and continuously improve their safety performance.


Maggie-Jean Douglas

The Indigenous owners of Unearth Group, Alun and David, wanted to capture the journey taken together in developing their organisation and pay respect to the community of family, supporters and employees that have walked alongside them in building their organisation. They engaged Gubbi Gubbi artist Maggie-Jean Douglas to work with them on developing this magnificent piece of Indigenous digital art.

Maggie-Jean Douglas is a proud Gubbi Gubbi artist from the southeast region of Queensland who grew up on Goreng Goreng country and is currently living and creating on Ngunnawal country.
Maggie has been painting for four years now with both digital and acrylic mediums; she enjoys having the opportunity to share her culture with others in this way.

Since beginning painting, Maggie has been fortunate enough to work with many businesses, assisting them by creating artworks specific to their values so that they can have the chance to share their stories through Indigenous art.

“It’s been a pleasure to create this artwork with Unearth Group, as a representation of the four parts that make up the whole company.”

Titans Basketball Club

Unearth Talents Directors Alun and David are keen basketball fans and have been involved in local basketball for several years. They recognised there was a need to support former junior players, who had aged out of juniors with unfulfilled potential and wanted to continue to play and enjoy the game of basketball.

Having both coached juniors, they were aware that not everyone blossoms at the same time. So, to cater for the late bloomers, they started the Titans Basketball Club. A place where players who still wanted to see if they had what it takes to play competitive basketball.

Alun and David applied the same approach as they do in business, invested in those who value the investment and provided coaching, facilities, and support. To date, the program has seen success, with a number of Titans re-joining local clubs as part of their premiership programs.

Our Partners

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